Format of the Event

Five startups have been selected to give a brief 5 minute presentation on their startup following which, the audience will ask questions and give 5-10 minutes of valuable feedback to the startup in an open forum format.

After the 5 presentations, tables are setup for any startup interested in presenting themselves and doing a demo of their products.

Note: Presenting companies have been selected from the list of attending startups. The panel of Gurus (Startup experts and VCs) have made their selections.

Event Agenda

3:00pm – 6:00pm Pre-Startup Camp event roundtable format
6:00pm – Open for the main event
6:30pm – Intro by Tara Hunt
6:45pm – Keynote: Chris Shipley
7:10pm – 1st Startup
7:25pm – 2nd Startup
7:40pm – 3rd Startup
7:55pm – Break
8:30pm - Announcements
8:45pm – 3rd Startup
9:00pm – 4th Startup
9:15pm – Keynote: Lori Collins
9:40pm – Wrap-up and prizes
9:50pm on – Networking and fun

Presenting Startups

Slot 1 - Thoora

Slot 2 - Tekinno Corp

Slot 3 - RushPRNews

Slot 4 - Network Hippo

Slot 5 - Assetize

Startup Camp Montreal Language Policy

The language policy of Startup Camp Montreal is simple, and reflects Montreal’s bilingual heritage and cosmopolitan nature. Some of the attendees will not be from Montreal and may not speak French. However, individual speakers are permitted to present in either of the official languages in which they are most comfortable. It would be appreciated if any handouts and notes provided are in both official languages, though not required.

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