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Results of the Oct. 1st vote for presenting startups:

Slot 1 - Thoora

Slot 2 - Tekinno Corp

Slot 3 - RushPRNews

Slot 4 - Network Hippo

Slot 5 - Assetize



This page is for all startups that want the opportunity to get up on stage and pitch their startup. The information below will be used to select the top 5 startups, so make your elevator pitch shine (note: less is more!).

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Elevator Pitch:

Assetize helps users monetize their social accounts, and enables advertisers to connect with their target audience. Think: AdSense for Twitter

Visit for more information

Stage: Launched; Fundraising for Series A financing
Person attending: Saif Ajani, Co-Founder/CEO; Mike Rhemtulla, Co-Founder/CTO; Minaz Abdulla, Co-Founder

Book Oven

Elevator Pitch : online collaborative platform for making books.
Stage : Angel funded.
Person attending : Hugh McGuire, Stephanie Troeth, Janina Szkut

RushPRNews (RPRN)

Elevator Pitch : RushPRNews (RPRN) is a web 3.0 PR platform for agencies and organizations that are looking to create, broadcast, and measure their news. Users create and broadcast press releases in the management interface, using RPRN's toolbox to measure the impact their news has on their brand and overall public image. RPRN focuses on do-it-yourself PR broadcasting and management tools, combined with powerful linguistic and advanced semantics technologies to tackle the problem of measuring the effect of a PR campaign. Through a white label online platform, organizations and their agencies broadcast to national, local, online, and social media while publishing in their own integrated pressroom on their website.

Stage : Launched; Looking for angel funding
Person attending : Anne Howard, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief


Elevator Pitch : Did you know there is no existing tool to check the quality of the fuel before if enters the airplane tank? Tekinno has developped a unique display that it is used as a technological platform to create useful products in the aviation industry. With distributor partners across the world, Tekinno has sold displays from Alaska to Algeria to petroleum company like Conoco-Philips. Tekinno product has been field tested for two years now.

Tekinno makes the aviation refueling operations around the world easier and safer.

Stage : Pre-comm
Person attending : Sébastien Lassonde, Co-Founder, CEO

Pente Group

URL :,,
Elevator Pitch :

A technology inspired advertising and communications company that has developed a robust client list and partnerships that span a diverse range of industries. Our unique and creative approach to advertising and marketing has allowed us to become a leader in online and mobile development.

Examples of our unique partnerships include a mobile development partnership with AKON and a print on demand partnership with Transcontinental. Our diverse client list includes National Bank of Canada, O'Leary Funds, Pharmetics, 877 Media, St. Justine Make a Wish Foundation, Centennial Academy, West Island College, CTV and many more.

Stage : Fully funded with 4 years of operations.

Persons attending : Mr. Basil Bouraropoulos, Brendan Dunn, Curtis Gavura and Philip Mitsopoulos

Quantum Whisper

Elevator Pitch :

Did you know that 64% of software features are either rarely or never used? That means, on a $1M dollar R&D budget — 640K goes up in smoke!

Our solution is a customer community designed for software product managers to facilitate the capture, analysis and reporting of first-hand customer feedback. By means of community empowerment, end users submit product requests (ideas, enhancements, bugs, etc.) and by virtue of communal self-management and product management collaboration, deliver prioritized market demand.

The result enables ISVs to identify business value, minimize feature bloat, and prioritize for profit.

Stage : Product/market fit - Looking for smart money to support growth
Person attending : Barry Paquet, Founder and Neil Moffatt, CTO


Elevator Pitch :

IT departments everywhere struggle to keep up with dozens of new software security vulnerabilities that are published each week. Staying on top of this constant stream of new threats is a huge problem which is why vulnerability management solutions are the fastest growing segment of the information security industry.

Recognizing that every company has unique and constantly evolving security needs we have developed a uniquely flexible software agent technology that sets us apart from all existing solution vendors and we have an aggressive distribution plan to disruptively enter this highly competitive enterprise software market.

Stage: Beta
Person attending : Bruce Leidl, Founder

Linus Shops inc.

Elevator Pitch : We are an e-commerce company whose main focus is the Canadian consumer. We are currently present in both motorsport and nutritional industries. Our goal is to provide Canadians with more options when it comes to their online shopping needs.
Stage : Startup
Person attending : Amin Sawaf, Owner


Elevator Pitch :

TQT is a whole new ERP system based on the revolutionary idea that all companies are different, have developed unique ways of operating, and all have different needs.

TQT is a truly agile ERP system for agile organizations that delivers data & knowledge systemization, centralization and visualization without strategic compromise.

Stage : Revenue positive, small client base, looking for capital to grow quickly
Person attending : Kate Conner


Elevator Pitch:

Bands make the majority of their revenue from live shows and touring thanks to new fans' impulse purchasing of music and merchandise during live events.

We built Fanteraction to bridge the gap between a band's live performance and the ability to immediately convert that performance into new fans and sales.
Our solution is a direct-to-fan platform accessible through smartphones that helps bands build their fanbase and sell their music when it's easiest: at their shows.

Our goal is to become the de-facto mobile promotion/sales/marketing platform for bands and live music events by 2011.
Our founder is known to pitch ideas guitar-in-hand.

Stage: open-beta, looking for financial/strategic partners
Person attending: Gregory Whiteside, Founder


Elevator Pitch : Network Hippo helps professionals and small businesses build strong, lifelong relationships.

We consolidate and clean up your contacts from mail, address books, and social networks. We pull-in information about your contacts from dozens of web, news, and social networking sites (learn more about people you know!). We integrate your email so you can track who you are contacting, how often, and provide valuable feedback on your communication trends (business accounts: for several users!). Finally, we'll alert you with important information about your contacts and tell you when you should be following up with important people in your network.

The first personal CRM, and the first business CRM that grows the most valuable asset you have: relationships.

Stage : Just launched.
Person attending : Scott Annan, Founder, CEO

TouchBase from VoxIsland

Elevator Pitch : TouchBase is intended to help businesses that have to manage appointments (car dealers, physicians, dentists, hairdressers…) with an automated customer relationship hosted system.

TouchBase will save those businesses a lot of time on appointment management, with a web and telephone automated assistant, calendar synchronization and reconciliation, will reduce the rate of broken appointments with automated appointment confirmation calls and will be able to track the performance of the professionals and the overall business with key performance indicators provided by the customers through automated post appointment customer satisfaction surveys.

You have a business, this is what TouchBase can build for you just 3 minutes:
- create an IVR for your business with numbers wherever you want (toll free if needed)
- let customers book the appointments over the phone with an automated assistant or transfer
the call to you, wherever you are for other or special requests
- create a self service appointment booking website for your customers
- sync your iPhone, Blackberry, Outlook, iCal, GooleCalendar with your appointments
- make calls to confirm your appointments
- send you SMS on agenda changes (cancellation, new appointment, confirmation…)
- call your customers after their appointments to see how you (or your employees) are doing

Stage : Pre comm., need startup gurus advises
Person attending : J. Arnaud, Founder

See Your Hotel

Elevator Pitch: See Your Hotel is already helping travelers find hotels based on location, but the real opportunity is to help hotels reach travelers. In the past hotels have used travel agents to reach travelers and the main difference the web has brought is that now they rely on online travel agents.

This situation can be changed by See Your Hotel. The place people search for hotels is the same place they search for anything else on the web, the search engines. Enabling The smallest B&B to the largest hotels to appear on search engines and social networks. Bringing the booking process on the hotels own website. Those are what See Your Hotel is going to do.

Stage : Bootstrapped, looking for funding
Persons attending: Jean-François Noël & Vincent Desjardins Founders

Magellix, navigate the world…

Elevator Pitch:

Imagine a world where computers understand words as humans do.
Imagine a world where each word used is the same across natural languages and data, information, knowledge, is expressed the same way worldwide.
This description language as well as a semantic markup, I developed after workdays, while I was a system architect in the USA for the past four years. And patented. There I designed multingual web sites (MSN Messenger 8.0 in eight languages), or high-traffic solution (Ebsco's authorities, over 300 million hits / day).

This technology has received tax credits for the past two years; it has been well-received at IEEE international conferences.
It is at the base of my offer: a search space where people write their information in their language, it can be understood, searched and found in the same or any other language, and translated on the fly.

One can imagine the potential to internationalize all social media, multiplying the number of members and increasing their nominal value.
- And the power to allow people wordwide to compose profiles of themselves, products, services, jobs in their language and to be found by other people composing queries in any language, even using aggregated search criteria such as "artificial intelligence".
- The ultimate dating system, the ultimate supply chain, business-to-business trade, online retail solution.
- As well, the next full-fledge search-engine, multilingual and by concept. And a semantic markup language to implement a true semantic web, void of XML technologies.

And a working prototype can be presented to potential users with three months.

Stage : Bootstrapped, looking for funding
Persons attending: Gerard Avner Levy, Gnoesis Log


Elevator Pitch :

From the days of Karl Marx, George Orwell and the beginnings of "free speech", emerged the speaker's corner in London's Hyde Park where people could speak their minds and be heard. EventBots re-spins the speaker's corner concept to give people a voice not just in one location, but at events of all kinds, with our proprietary video machines and unique services.

At the touch of a button, people can easily share stories, questions and pitch ideas - all tied together by the common context of an event. We believe that 50% of the valuable content at any event resides with the audience. Crowdsourcing has proven it - and we provide a way to capture it. We're empowering people and companies to feed the growing appetite for richer media and relevant content.

Stage : Early stage. Proven model/concept. Revenue. Bootstrapped. Planning for growth.
Person attending : Amy E. Yee, Co-Founder


Elevator Pitch :

LunarBits is a fully hosted e-commerce platform for digital content publishers. We give publishers the tools to sell more and look great doing it.

Stage : Bootstrapped. Launching this Fall, seeking a Co-Founder
Person attending : Daniel Crenna, Founder


Elevator Pitch :
Want to be an achiever? Where there is a will there is a way – Right! What if the will is not so willing? Then you need to find another way. The way is Thousands use it to improve their chances of achieving whatever it is they set out to do, be they personal goals, corporate goals, or both. The idea is simple. Take out a contract on yourself. Incentivize your commitment by putting up ‘cold, hard cash’ that you stand to lose, should you not stickK to it. Be accountable. Have supporters on site to ‘high five’ your efforts and ‘poke’ you, when you need it. Stick to your commitment and use to do it. Be an achiever!

Stage : Early stage. Proven model/concept. Bootstrapped. Planning for growth. About to launch a corporate portal and Beta customers are already engaged.
Person attending : Craig Stein, VP of Project Management

EQL Data

Elevator Pitch :

Microsoft Access is a popular database application for businesses due to its low cost and simplicity, but it doesn't scale to the web without expensive redevelopment. EQL Data provides a one-click solution that embeds Access applications in a browser window without any redesign or extra development effort.

Stage : Beta
Person attending : Peter McCurdy and Lukasz Kosewski, co-founders Challenge

Elevator Pitch: uses social media to facilitate social change by challenging people to take on small everyday actions they will capture in video, pictures and slideshows to share with each other. The community votes on submissions and there are prizes for the winners. We see potential for growth beyond this model once the user base is established.

Stage: Private Beta
Person attending: Arié Moyal, co-founder

Blame Stella

Elevator Pitch : We're building an agile testing service for web applications. New ways of building and selling software demand new approaches to testing, and that's what we make.
Stage: Limited beta
Person Attending: Delano Mandelbaum, Founder


Elevator Pitch : [Working on] Empowering people to help each other in finding the right products, for each person, quickly.
Stage: Open beta release on October 1st 2009.
Person Attending: Minh Ho, Founder


URL : http://www.E2Connect.Net
Elevator Pitch :

E2Connect empowers and trains entrepreneurs in Montreal through quality events, workshops and free resources. Topics include Empowerment, Information Products, Hypnotic Selling, Marketing, Communication, Capital Raising, Networking and Effectiveness.

Stage : Startup
Person attending : Mathieu Tanguay, Owner and Founder of E2Connect


Elevator Pitch :

Thoora is a new and unique service that helps people discover the news attracting the most attention within social and traditional media. In real-time, Thoora identifies the most interesting stories by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter and nearly 5,000 traditional media sources to determine the stories attracting the most blog posts, comments, tweets, and news coverage.

Thoora's approach to collecting and displaying the most interesting stories is based on what's implicitly happening within social and traditional media - blog posts, comments, Twitter updates and news articles - rather than voting or link analysis. We take into account millions of voices rather than relying on a small group of editors or A-List bloggers to determine the most important stories.

Stage : Private beta
Person attending : Michael Cvet, Lead software developer


Elevator Pitch :

Maxipage is the first directory of businesses entirely FREE allowing users to book online appointments. Have real-time access to the agenda of your providers.
Maxipage enables you to make appointments for free with professionnals and businesses instantly online. Have appointments at a time of your choice. Take appointments with your Dentist, Doctor, Optometrist, Massotherapeute, Esthetician, Garagist, Lawyer, Notary, accounting, Ski courses, Golf courses, and much more.

Maxipage is an online appointment scheduling solution, suitable for all types of businesses like Doctor, Dentist and Chiropractor clinics, Veterinarian, Automotive, and much more.

The major benefits of Maxipage
- We are offering an extensive APIs (application program interface) easy to connect with
- Maxipage Online Appointment Scheduling fits any kinds of business
- Your customers can offer 24/7 online appointment scheduling full synchronised with your actual software
- Appointment confirmation and reminder via email with ICAL technology
- Full web base solution - No installation is required
- Network and Media visibility on Maxipage directory

Stage : StartUp
Person attending : Marc Somma, CEO and Founder


Elevator Pitch :

Just as Digg’s main focus is on news articles, Technorati on Blogs, and Tweetmeme on twitter links, Tweble’s focus is on forums. Forums were once highly valued properties on the web as Internet users enjoyed the benefits of being anonymous while being exposed to huge amounts of valuable information often difficult to find elsewhere. Tweble’s mission is to bring back life to the forums by providing users a bridge to discover their true value and rich content. Currently, Tweble acts as a real-time forum search engine and discussion aggregator, ranks the most active discussions, and categorizes them by subject and region, providing visitors the unique opportunity to find out the world's opinion on any topic of interest.

Stage : Beta (1.0)
Person attending : Jason Ayoub & Mohit Kumar, Co-Founders

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