Suggestions and Comments

Please post your suggestions and comments below.

There were lots of improvements at this past event, but we are always looking to improve the quality and reach of the event. Please give your feedback below:

Noise Level

Comment: There is always a problem with the ambient noise at the event. Is there a way to keep the people in the bar area quite, or to put up a sound barrier.
From: Guy Namer

Comment: I think this is more of a social problem. There were a few rude/loud mouth people there that degrade the experience for the rest of us. For example, the announcer was trying his best to return everyone to their seat but his efforts were in vain. This happened twice + the noise level during the closing keynote was unacceptable. If this is how the startup community is then we are in a sad state.
From: Thinh Dinh

Q&A critique

Comment: At past events there was a lot more time for Q&A following each startup presenter. This was lacking at the last event.
From: Philippe Telio

Comment: I agreed with Philippe . What's the point of this event if I can't even ask a single question on the presentation that interested me (Assetize). I would probably have better experience sitting at home and watching DEMO/TechCrunch videos as there is no difference between this event and demo videos when Q&A is lacking.
From: Thinh Dinh

Comment: We will get back to the format with more questions for the presenters at the next event. Promised. Everyone gets more out of the event from the question period.
From: Philippe Telio

Un-conference portion

Comment: This portion of the event got larger this time around. With such a large group it would be good to think about doing break out sessions with smaller groups of people. This portion of the event could even be longer.
From: Bruno Morency

Enhance networking

Comment: It would be helpful if there was a way to connected people at the event based on mutual areas of interest. This would facilitate real connections.
From: David Chabot

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