Startup Camp Montreal Unconference

From 3pm to 6pm the day of the event

Topics suggestion:

  • the product manifesto (thinking about products)
  • Research & Development (SR&ED) tax credits and related subsidies
  • hiring (how, when, tips and ideas)
  • interesting projects for startuppers (please share)
  • Recruitcamp : idea looking for feedback of an unconference to bridge the gap between startups and academic institutions and help startups in their recruitment. More info here : http://recruitcamp.pbworks.com/
  • anything else, ideas, suggestions? please add it here!

Who / Qui?

  • Sylvain Carle
  • Philippe Telio
  • David Chabot
  • Philippe Gauvin
  • Michel Besner
  • Bruno Morency
  • Chris Shipley
  • Gerard Levy
  • Ross Kouhi
  • Pierre Savignac
  • Marie-Andrée Michaud
  • You! (edit button is down there on the page)
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